Send a Bluetooth Advertising Message to Smartphones Within a
100-yard Parameter Creating More Engagement, Prospects, And Sales!

* Automatically Promote Your ..Business To nearby Android phones

* Create More Engagement!

* Generate Fresh Quality Leads

* Create More Sales

* Upsell Offers To Current Customers

Get Seen, Heard, Viewed,
Anytime, Anywhere!

Don't miss being a part of the next retail technology explosion
Who Needs Proximity Rocket?
Are You Looking Market Your Own Business?
Are You Looking To Market This Solution To Others?
Step By Step Video Guide
Purchase Your Beacon - We give you several sources of manufacturers who sell Beacons starting at $10 and up. Once you purchase them, you own them with no monthly fees.
Program Your Beacon - Our Step by Step video guide shows you how to register and set up your Bluetooth beacons yourself using Google Dashboard. This is a great option for those who do not want to pay a monthly fee to place their Beacons on a platform.
You now have full Control over the 40 Character Message plus your link. Simply point it to the Secure Website of your choice.
What Others Are Saying...
Hair and Nail Salon Experiences Growth!
Proximity Beacons can be used effectively by ANY
small business owner, anywhere in the world.
  • Storefronts – up-sell your customers
  • Restaurants: “Did you know that we deliver?”
  • Salons: “Next Tuesday: $10 off all products!”
  • Fitness clubs: “Members – book your fitness assessment TODAY!
  • Boutiques: “Join our email list for exclusive deals”
  • Realtors – enhanced exposure
  • Put a beacon on your keychain and it acts like a “Digital Billboard” anywhere you go
  • Attach a beacon to the for Sales signage for quick links to pricing, photos, or to book a showing.
  • Attach a beacon to Open House signage on the busy streets - instead of just an arrow, link to google map, photos, price, etc. * Mobile Service Providers
  • Personal trainers – keep it in your gym bag and offer assessments to everyone at the gym
  • Plumbers, Contractors, Cleaners, etc. – keep a device in your vehicle and promote your services to the neighbors when at a client’s home.
  • Beacons can also be placed strategically in busy public places in your town or city to create additional exposure.
  • Welcome a user when he/she visits your event with general information
  • Offer a free coffee when a user visits your restaurant
  • Open a coupon when a user visits your store
  • Open a loyalty card when a user is near the checkout
  • Open a video when a user holds his/her phone near a product in your store
  • Show multi language content for objects in your museum
  • Notify tourists about nearby points of interest and local deals
  • Show fun facts about animals in your zoo
  • Show deals and discounts when users walk around stands
  • Create an adventure story game in your amusement park
  • Offer a meal deal on Tuesday only
  • Invite users for a lunch during weekdays in the morning
  • Show different contextual content for object based on day, date and / or time
  • Notify users about real estate they are nearby

Includes a Full Blown Training Center


Your satisfaction is important to us. We have tried our best to give you information that gives you the ability to register and program your beacon/s. We are here to assist you should you get stuck or have issues.

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  • Can my message be seen by everyone?
    Typically only Android users which represents about 64% of Smartphone users. They have to have their Bluetooth enabled as well which is about 77%
  • Who Needs Proximity Rocket?
    Any business can benefit. Keep in mind the size your niche can determine your results. Being creative and placing your beacon in a location where there is a higher "dwell time" enhances your results.
  • Do you sell Beacons?
    We don't sell the beacons but do provide you with a list of suppliers. Beacons will cost anywhere from $10 to $25 each.
  • How easy is it to program my own beacons?
    Much easier with the video's than without. Anything you do for the first time can seem confusing so we try to make it as smooth as possible.
  • Can I market this to others and get paid for setting up beacons?
    Absolutely! You can program them yourself or become a launchpad customer where you can easily program and manage numerous beacons from our admin panel.
  • Is there are a guarantee?
    Yes. You get a full 30 days to make sure this is for you. If for ANY reason you’re not 100% satisfied, all you have to do is send us an email, and we’ll get a refund with no questions asked.
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